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Kevin | 



I received my professional training at Seacoast Career Schools where I graduated in 2010 from the 900 hour Massage Therapy program at the top of my class academically and I received additional training as a member of the Maine Sports Massage Team. I was selected to provide Sports Massage to finishers of the 2011 Boston Marathon, and was chosen to coordinate the post-race Sports Massage for the inaugural 2012 REV3 Maine.  When I'm not working, I also coach youth Little League Softball and Basketball teams. I've completed several triathlons, the Peaks to Portland 2.4 mile open-water swim and the Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race.

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Float Tanks | 



Schedule a 60-Minute or 90-Minute Float Session in one of our fullsize Float Tanks

Shelby |



Shelby is a graduate of SpaTech Institute. She loves to focus on techniques
such as: myofascial release and stretching, positional release, trigger point
therapy, deep tissue and reflexology. She was privileged to be a volunteer in the 10k Husky Rusk 2016 honoring a fallen veteran and was enthusiastic to have worked with pregnant women in different stages of development. Born and raised in Hawaii with the influence of her Hawaiian grandmother her zeal and love for massage was cultivated. Shelby and her family enjoy doing many activities involving the outdoors and various sports in their spare time. With a true desire to help make profound effects in assisting clients in their personal goals of performance this self motivated therapist is seeking certifications in more techniques such as lomilomi, kinesiology/ taping, lymphatic drainage.

Ryan |



Ryan B has worked as a Massage Therapist since he graduated from Spa Tech in 2008. Focusing on Anatomy based techniques including Myofascial Release, PNF stretching, ROM, and traditional Deep Tissue techniques. His focus is in helping clients achieve their goals through appropriate bodywork and training. He has worked with many triathletes, seasonal athletes, as well as professional and collegiate athletes from nearly every sport. Ryan also believes that regular bodywork is essential to the continued well being of anyone, whatever level of fitness or personal goals they may have. When Ryan is not working with clients, or spending time hiking, swimming, lifting, or just enjoying the outdoors, he works at Spa Tech as an instructor for massage, continuing to deepen his understanding of the practice of Massage, and helping to educate the next group of therapists.

Brandon | 


Brandon, LMT - I graduated from Ohio University in 2015 with a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training and in 2017 from Spa Tech Institute with a focus in therapeutic massage. Throughout my career in Athletic Training I specialized in working with athletes from beginner to professional. I have taken my passion for anatomy and applied it to massage through the use of deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release and range of motion. I want my clients to achieve wellness through bodywork and making the necessary changes to achieve these goals. When I am not working with clients I enjoy disc golf, hiking and spending time with family and friends. 

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I graduated from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts in 2013. The program provided me with skills to work a wide variety of modalities. Over the span of a 10 year career in massage I have worked closely with people who have gone through life changing situations such as anxiety, PTSD, trauma and grievance. My main goal is to allow clients to let go of the outside world while taking care of their mind, body and spirit. This is achieved by being present and customizing each session to suit the individual client's needs for that day. 


I graduated from Therapeutic massage program at Spa Tech, Westbrook Maine and I received my Bachelors in Elementary Education with special needs focus from Wheelock College, Boston MA. Whether you desire work on long term injuries and trauma or a deeply indulgent massage, I am able to meet you where you are on your journey. The modalities I have the most passion for are Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, Therapeutic and Swedish. When I'm not working I provide care for my parents, I am also a Whole Food Plant Based(WFPB) Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer and a lucky Father to an incredibly smart, crazy, fun daughter.



When I came to Athlete’s Touch my two main goals were to broaden my knowledge in the massage world, and provide the best possible care for my clients. During my sessions I aim for relaxation and comfortability; however my main goal is to relieve tension, help clients achieve desired self-care goals, and accommodate each individual session to the best of my ability. I believe self-care should be one of our top priorities in life. We get caught up in work and everyday activities, and forget to supplement not only our physical but also mental health. I mainly work in a range of moderate to deep pressure, and incorporate a combination of trigger point, deep tissue, and Swedish techniques to achieve maximum productivity. I’m also trained in cupping therapy, a deep tissue technique using silicone cups placed on the body with suction to increase blood flow, and decrease tension and pain held in the muscles. My passion is to assist clients in their recovery journey and have them walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, spending time with family/friends, and exploring the outdoors. 

Ryan P

In 2013, I attended Spa Tech Institute. Since graduating from the therapeutic massage program, I have been loving every minute of working in the massage world. I have always had a passion for deep tissue work and I love what I do. 


I have had my eye on Athlete’s Touch for a few years now and I am beyond excited that I am now a part of their team! I have always been very results driven and my style has immediately fit in with our business model. I can’t wait to provide current and future clients with the therapeutic benefits of massage. 


When I am not massaging, I am enjoying my free time with my pup, Georgia-Peach! We enjoy our days going on long hikes and taking our kayak out on the lake! Georgia loves a day outside in the beautiful weather, when she isn’t being spoiled with treats and belly rubs of course!  I look forward to working with you all!



Myra is a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), CST
(Craniosacral Therapist)...after living in Australia for 27 years, Myra graduated from Wellspring
School of Allied Health in Missouri in 2013 with an Associates Degree in Occupational Science.
Studying and mentoring under Sports Therapist Otis Watson and Craniosacral & Trager
Specialist Kevin Deal.  She is Nationally Licensed and continues to study under the Upledger
Institute yearly with monthly mentoring. As a combined Therapist, Myra believes in working with
each patient on an individual basis, finding the restrictions and to providing what it takes to aid,
rehabilitate, decrease stress and regain the body’s natural movement. She also works well with
children, teens and the elderly. The body, mind & spirit are inseparable.


Lindsay is a graduate of Montana State University with a B.S. in Health and Human Development and an emphasis in Kinesiology. Lindsay received massage training in 2019 at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy and is also a Crossfit Level 2 Trainer. She enjoys working with athletes at any stage of life or ability level. She specializes in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic modalities that work toward injury prevention.


Lindsay recently moved here from Montana and spends most of her time exploring the new state she calls home.



Beth is a graduate of University of Maine, Orono, with a B.S. in Human Development, and received massage training in 1999 at Polarity Realization Institute in Portland (which later combined with Spa Tech Institute).  She has a background in social work, and enjoys working with clients across the life span, as well as coordinating care with mental health providers.  Her goal is to be a calming, relaxing presence, and to contribute to the healing and wellbeing of the whole person through bodywork. 


She works in Therapeutic, Swedish, and Myofacial Release Modalities, and some Deep Tissue as well, especially focused work in the neck and shoulders. 


Beth's favorite activities include time with family and friends, live music, film, getting outside in this beautiful city (and state), traveling when she can, painting, and mindfulness meditation. 


With over a decade in the field Adam utilizes his own experiences with pain management as an athlete, and education in professional massage to address your wellness needs. With strong hands and a natural intuitive ability, Adam incorporates modalities such as trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue and relaxation to fine tune each session.

Adam graduated from Seacoast Career School in 2013 after enrolling in their 900 Therapeutic Massage program. Since that time he has worked in various setting such as chiropractic offices, wellness center, elderly homes, and most recently as an instructor. His prior background in trade work, kitchen work, the arts and hospitality helps extend an empathetic approach to aches from work and daily living. Swing a hammer all day? Life heavy objects at work? Sit at a desk? Chances are I can relate to your pain, and find an effective and relatable approach to targeting your needs efficiently so you leave feeling better than when you arrived. Each massage is tailored specifically to the client, and no session will ever be exactly the same.

When he's not busy with massage work, you can find him out there riding centuries on his bike, running over mountains, swimming across local lakes, and planning the next adventure.

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