Massage Therapy Rates
(effective 11/1/18)

We accept all forms of payment in our office

Session Rates




60-Minute Massage Sessions         $79

90-Minute Massage Sessions         $109

120-Minute Massage Sessions      $139




60-Minute Reiki Sessions         $79

90-Minute Reiki & Massage Sessions      $109

Insurance Rates

Massage Therapy Services may be a covered benefit by Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, or Workers Compensation Insurance.  We submit claims directly to various Insurance Companies on our clients behalf, and our billed amount rate is $30 per 15-Minute Unit.

If you think your Health Insurance may cover Massage Therapy (and your coverage isn't listed below), Please contact the insurer (1800# on your ID Card) and ask if "Massage Therapy when rendered by a Licensed Massage Therapist" is covered.  

Remember, when booking a session that will be covered by insurance, you'll still need to provide a valid credit card when booking your session.  The card will not be charged, as it's kept on file and only charged in case of a "No-Show Appointment"


City of Portland - 12 sessions per calendar year via your Aetna Insurance

We offer the choice of: 60-Minute Sessions for $10 copayment, or 90-Minute Sessions for $20 copayment for City of Portland clients.  


(Note:  Aetna EOB's may reflect additional charges owed by City of Portland clients but Athlete's Touch does not balance bill, meaning the copayment is all that the client will owe)


MPBN - $10 client payment per session, 24 sessions per calendar year


MaineHealth -        $79/$109/$139 Client Rate when paying out-of-pocket

(prior to meeting annual deductible or after annual Massage Therapy benefit has exhausted)                                       

When your annual deductible has been met, we offer a choice between two packages of either:  2-Visits (90-Minute Sessions) for $10 per visit, OR

            3-Visits (60-Minute Sessions) for $10 per visit

Note to MaineHealth Clients - You will be asked if you've met your annual deductible.  If you haven't met your deductible or are unsure, then you will be charged the out-of-pocket amount.  If Anthem ends up reimbursing for the visit, then that payment will be credited towards the package offerings and your next visit would be considered visit #1.  If you aren't sure if your deductible has been met, contact Anthem customer service at 1-800-527-7706 and they'll confirm your status.  


Local Health Insurance Coverages that we are familiar with:
Athlete's Touch is now offering Medical Massage for clients who are utilizing Worker's Compensation or Auto Accident Insurance and have been approved by the liable insurance company.  

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