Massage Therapy Rates
(effective 11/1/18)

We accept all forms of payment in our office

Session Rates




60-Minute Massage Sessions         $69

90-Minute Massage Sessions         $99

120-Minute Massage Sessions      $129




60-Minute Reiki Sessions         $79

90-Minute Reiki & Massage Sessions      $109

Insurance Rates

Massage Therapy Services may be a covered benefit by Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, or Workers Compensation Insurance.  We submit claims directly to various Insurance Companies on our clients behalf, and our billed amount rate is $30 per 15-Minute Unit.


If you think your Health Insurance may cover Massage Therapy (and your coverage isn't listed below), Please contact the insurer (1800# on your ID Card) and ask if "Massage Therapy when rendered by a Licensed Massage Therapist" is covered.  

Remember, when booking a session that will be covered by insurance, you'll still need to provide a valid credit card when booking your session.  The card will not be charged, as it's kept on file and only charged in case of a "No-Show Appointment"



City of Portland - $10 client payment per session, 12 sessions per calendar year 

         Athlete's Touch offers 90-MINUTE Sessions to our City of Portland clients

(Note:  Aetna EOB's may reflect additional charges owed by City of Portland clients but Athlete's Touch does not balance bill, meaning the $10 paid is all that the client will owe)



MPBN - $10 client payment per session, 24 sessions per calendar year



MaineHealth -        $69/$99/$129 Client Rate when paying out-of-pocket

(prior to meeting annual deductible or after annual Massage Therapy benefit has exhausted)                                        

When your annual deductible has been met, we offer a choice between two packages of either:  2-Visits (90-Minute Sessions) for $10 per visit, OR

            3-Visits (60-Minute Sessions) for $10 per visit


Our package offerings are for clients who choose to utilize their entire annual Massage Therapy Benefit with us. We've created the package offers for those MaineHealth clients who are seeking to maximize the value of their annual Massage Therapy Benefit, hence the shared payment responsibility.  

Note to MaineHealth Clients - You will be asked if you've met your annual deductible.  If you haven't met your deductible or are unsure, then you will be charged the out-of-pocket amount.  If Anthem ends up reimbursing for the visit, then that payment will be credited towards the package offerings and your next visit would be considered visit #1.  If you aren't sure if your deductible has been met, contact Anthem customer service at 1-800-527-7706 and they'll confirm your status.  





Local Health Insurance Coverages that we are familiar with:
Athlete's Touch is now offering Medical Massage for clients who are utilizing Worker's Compensation or Auto Accident Insurance and have been approved by the liable insurance company.  

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