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In our business, there is nothing more valuable than direct feedback from our clients.  "Word of Mouth Referrals" from happy clients who have been on our tables are very helpful to our continued growth.  

We treat everyone from world class athletes to someone taking the first steps on their "Couch to 5k" training plan. Over our 11 years as Portland's Best Massage Business we've received testimonials from our client athletes who might be known in Maine, but in that same timeframe we've accumulated hundreds of reviews from the tens of thousands of people we've helped along the way.

Please take a moment to read through the client reviews that have been left on our "Google My Business" page

"Athlete's Touch- My choice of Massage Therapy in Maine. As a professional triathlete, bodywork is key for my recovery and injury prevention/treatment."


Michael Weiss

Professional Triathlete

Ironman Cozumel, 2013 & 2014 Winner



"I am so grateful for Athlete's Touch! As a lifelong athlete, I know my body really well and I know when things aren't working quite right. Kevin and Todd have both been super helpful in getting me back to my typical athletic ways quickly. They are excellent massage therapists, but what I really love about the Athlete's Touch massage therapists is their willingness to work with me to figure out the best treatment for my body. "


Kelsey Abbott
Confidence and Authenticity Coach, Triathlon Coach and Instigator of Joy


1st Female OA at Rev3 Florida (Olympic Distance) in 2013

3rd Female 30-34 at USAT Nationals in 2012

Qualified for Worlds in 2011 and 2012 and raced as part of Team USA in Auckland in 2012 and London in 2013


Find Your Awesome


Facebook: Find Your Awesome


“I’m a 45 year old Mother of three who is also training hard and racing in Triathlons and running events.   Needless to say, there are times when my body rebels a bit and I need to treat it with extra care.  Kevin is absolutely the first person I call for a sports massage. He has helped me rebound after injury and also to stay loose and ready to continue huge blocks of training.  It is a critical component to overall health for an athlete.  I feel lucky to be one of his clients and highly recommend his services to anyone who asks.”


Angela Bancroft

USAT All-American

Multiple Ironman Kona Competitor

Multiple overall wins and age group wins in all racing distances in Triathlon and Running

"Athlete's Touch has been a huge part of my recovery from training over the past four years. They target the specific problem spots I know of and seek out ones that I didn't know were holding me back. The best way to perform well and feel strong day after day is high quality recovery, a task that Athlete's Touch handles with great care, skill, and professionalism."


Travis Kroot

"I was referred to Athlete's touch when they first opened and was quick to make an appointment based on the reviews I heard from my family memebers. My first appointment was with Kevin and after many appointments is now familar with any injury and or imbalnces I have had throughout my sessions. As an elite runner I have a respect for my body and have found trust in Kevin to resolve any of these issues I have encountered, on and off of the pavement."


Carly Dion

"What I most appreciate is that Kevin and his staff know both the art and the science of sports massage. They can explain why I have a certain pain or ache, how to stretch to relieve it and how to prevent further injury. They take ample time to sit and talk about my current physical activities and they adapt each massage to my individual physiological needs at that point in time. The result is an amazing massage that leaves me feeling loose, relaxed and ready to tackle my next workout or race. I simply won't go anywhere else!"


Alina Perez

"Athlete's Touch is an amazing sport's rehab and wellness center.  Their team of Massage Therapists and Acupunturist are very knowledgeable about sports recovery and prevention of injuries.   As a marathon swimmer, I rely on their expertise to help me stay healthy for my intense training and swim adventures.   I would highly recommend their services for anyone participating in sports."


Pat Gallant-Charette, age 64

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  • 2010 Catalina Channel (21 miles) World Record for Oldest Woman

  • 2010 Strait of Gibraltar (12 miles),  Placed 3rd fastest woman's time since 1928

  • 2011 English Channel (21 miles)  U.S. Record for Oldest Woman

  • 2012 Tsugaru Strait in Japan, World Record for Oldest Woman

  • Nominated for World Open Water Swimmer, Woman of the Year award in 2011 and 2012.

  • Ocean's Seven Challenge participant

  • Featured in Oprah Magazine, April 2012, Daring Women with Confidence

"While training for the CrossFit Games, I found my sessions with Kevin to be invaluable in helping me maintain a healthy body under my heavy training schedule.  He knew exactly where he needed to spend extra time on his deep tissue massage without me saying a word.  Thank you, Athlete's Touch, and Kevin, for being so accessible for both sports related maintenance and general well-being massage therapy sessions!"



Annie Michel, Level 1 Trainer; Crossfit Kids, Mobility and Olympic Lifting certified

  • Silver Medalist, Crossfit Games 2012 

  • 7th Overall, Crossfit Games 2013


Coach Annie can be found at Crossfit Beacon in Portland

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